How to find the correct Auro product for every intended application.

First, please review our current price list. For information on the products, use the product finder: By means of specific questions concerning the desired application you will be led to the product fitting your specifications. The product finder is especially useful for persons who do not yet know the Auro product assortment.

Should an application problem arise that cannot be solved by the product finder please contact your local Auro retailer or representative.

You can also look up products in the product survey. Here you will find all Auro products, sorted by product groups.

Paint, stain


Oils, waxes, impregnations

Wall coatings

Cleaning and care

Glues and miscellaneous products

Third and finally, there is the specific search, meaning that you can enter the product number (1, 2, or 3 digits of the product number) or the product name into the description field on the bottom of this page.

Product designation or number: