AURO natural paint in India

With Auro Natural Paints, Ulm Enterprise brings to India for the first time a range of paints, varnishes and waxes for masonry, metal and wood without any VOC (Volatile organic compounds) pollution. These paints, which are based on natural plant and mineral materials, are completely free of toxic petroleum and chemical bases which characterize conventional paints and wood treatment materials.

In India, there is an increasing demand for healthy, non toxic and aesthetic environments in residential and work spaces, as also reflected in the movement for "Green buildings" which is rapidly gaining ground in the country.

Conventional water and oil paints, for example, are not only based on binding agents from petrochemistry (acrylates), they also still contain considerable amounts heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, etc., as well as glycols that are injurious to health and environment. In spite of a scrupulous choice of consistently ecological raw materials even ecological paints still contained relatively high amounts of solvents including known carcinogens such as toluene and xylene which are emitted through the lifetime of the compounds on walls. Moreover, they had inherent disadvantages relating to the painting practice (short renovation cycles, etc.) that did not fully correspond to the aims of sustainability.

Under the sponsorship of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), AURO AG embarked on an ambitious research and development project with the goal of eliminating the disadvantages entirely. A new generation of natural paint products was developed that was optimized for its toxicological, ecological and technological performance.

These new paints, stains and sealers do not emit any solvent vapors into the air and, relating to their technical performance, show a quality so far unknown in the field of ecological paints. Since this was achieved without making any ecological compromises (the binding agents are made exclusively from regenerative raw materials), the new AURO paints constitute a milestone in the development of paint products. On account of this innovation, AURO is the first paint producer having an assortment of paint products coming very close to the aim of a sustainable development directed towards a more ecological future. Objective testing has confirmed these achievements, with certification issued on compliance with EURO Norm (EN) 927, and there is also an unrestricted recommendation of these products from Germany's best reputed eco magazine, Öko-Test.

AURO is the first and till now the only manufacturer of natural paints to be certified (2007) by the Climate Neutral Group, as a carbon neutral company.

Auro Paints believes in complete transparency and, unlike conventional paints, provides a Data Sheet detailing all ingredients in each of its products.

For Ulm Enterprise, it is a privilege to offer the Green Building Movement in India a 100% natural paint. Using Auro natural paint means building for health and sustainability.

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